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10 months

by jodi on November 11th, 2012

Andersen’s ninth month of life was characterized by lots of cruising, lots of babbling (finally!), and his first steps.  Crawling (bear or otherwise) is still his preferred method of transportation, but he’s definitely trying to walk more.  Just today we saw four steps, so I don’t think it will be too much longer before he takes off.  Tough for me to believe that soon I won’t have a baby, but a toddler instead.  Too fast buddy, you’re growing up way too fast!  Just look at that picture; doesn’t he look like such a little boy instead of a baby?

Two new teeth also appeared (top left and bottom right) with a third (bottom left) not far behind, hence the drool.  He continues to be the messiest eater ever, earning him roughly three baths a day.  Those haven’t been very fun lately since he refuses to sit and attempts to chew on the faucet; I’m trying very hard to not have him bash out a tooth like his sister!  I think that about covers it.  To quote my Mom from last month, “He looks like he’s 9 months going on 9 years!”

  1. He is just so stinking cute! He looks so happy and content in all your pictures! What a sweet little boy!

  2. Grandma Glenda permalink

    Adorable! I have a faucet cover. Would you like it?

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