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Mar 31 14

Blue Bonnets 2014

by jodi

And the tradition continues… We have are having a GREAT wild flower season this year and it’s so pretty in central Texas right now!! (FYI. April came with me to scout out picture locations, so she got the lions share of them. And I LOVE her Easter dress this year. It’s a little tough to tell since I didn’t give you a full body shot, but both the style and colors fit her just perfectly!!!)


Mar 18 14

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof

by jodi

I knew it was coming soon, so I’ve been agonizing a bit over exactly how we wanted to handle the tooth fairy. We don’t do Santa, but that doesn’t mean we don’t give gifts at Christmas. I knew we weren’t going to lie about the tooth fairy, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to address it straight up either.  Do I leave a note of any sort?  My sister did “The Mystery Dude/Princess” for her kids; it wasn’t lying but it also kept the excitement there. I was tempted to follow her lead, but in the end decided to just not address it unless he brought it up with me.  She may have foreseen that leaving a note would silence or change the questions that were asked, enabling the mystery a bit longer…

tooth02In pondering how to handle the whole thing I googled some ideas to see what others had done. In the process I came across this fabulous book, “Throw Your Tooth on the Roof.” It gives a whole bunch of different traditions from all around the world and what other cultures do with their teeth.  It’s super great and I highly recommend it.  I ordered the book over the weekend when I realized just how loose his tooth was!! Sadly, my timing was one day too late.

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Mar 3 14


by jodi

Today marks exactly two weeks of no diapers in our house. Zip. Zero. Zilch. That’s right, even at night time. NONE. For six and a half years we’ve needed diapers, but no more. WOO HOO!! No, that doesn’t mean we’re perfect; we still have an accident here and there, but we often goes days (and nights) without one. Our boy stepped up to the plate and knocked that diaper out of the park way earlier (and easier!) than I dreamed he would have.


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